Explore Marine Life and Swim with Manta Rays with Deep Water Diving

Togean island

Does adventure fuel your soul? It is one life and it is imperative that one should experience different things, travel, and explore new places. One of the most pristine and soul feeding experience is under water diving. It opens one to a whole new world of marine life and is a thrilling experience.

Experiencing the marine life in Indonesia

Indonesia is a gorgeous country with several beautiful beaches, islands, and scuba diving locations. The diving adventure in the picturesque Togean Island is like no other. It gives you a chance to explore life underwater, swim with a school of fishes, witness colorful corals and swim with the Manta Rays.

  • The island is located remotely in Indonesia. A true tropical paradise with whitewashed sand beaches. The crystal-clear water is perfect for diving as it is surrounded by coral reef.
  • The protected reefs are taken care. The scuba diving experts help you in exploring the underwater in the Island without disturbing the marine life.
  • Witness several endangered marine species in the water of Island of Togean. The island is isolated and has incredible flora and fauna.
  • Stay in an eco-resort in the island and live your scuba diving dream. If you wanted to get a certification, go diving with experts and become a certified diver.

There are many beautiful locations which are perfect for scuba diving. If you are looking forward to pursuing a PADI open water course, this is your time. It is a professional course taught under the guidance of expert scuba divers. The instructors are highly professional and take care of the safety.

Swim with the Manta Rays

There are many locations around the Island where one can swim with the Manta Rays. The Manta Points are generally located hidden and they are protected bay. However, with help of professional scuba diving, you can dive with manta and swim with these fascinating marine creatures.

The Manta Rays are found across many places in the water of these Islands. However, to dive and swim with them, we must know the location. The professional scuba diving sessions take you to the spot where you can swim with the Manta Rays and enjoy a lifetime of experience.

The Manta Cleaning station is located within the protected bay where they swim and place on top of huge boulders. This is a site to watch as the wrasse clean off the parasites from their body. They are easy to identify, harmless and very friendly marine creatures.

Get a Scuba Diving Certification

The Island of Togean and many other topical islands is Indonesia is perfect for getting a certified course in scuba diving. The PADI open water diver course gives you an internationally recognized diver license. The course includes many facets like deep diving, navigation, identification of fishes etc.

The best part of becoming a certified diver is the luxury to dive into the deep waters across the world. The advanced course help you become a professional diving instructor and teach deep sea diving and assist scuba diving across different locations in the world.


Scuba Diving Comes Up with the True Fun and Thrill


Want to explore the real thrill in life? You can join the scuba diving training that helps you to explore the life under water. It’s easy to find the professional scuba diving courses and make sure that you can now give life a new start. It’s important to take the necessary safety measures ensuring that you can now get rid of all the worries.

Find a Good Instructor

Now, you need to find a good instructor who makes you feel confident and thus you can get rid of all confusions. You have to learn the techniques to dive into the water and you can thus feel the real thrill touching your mind and soul. Before you join the training, you must have a detailed conversation with the expert and thus you can learn the details of the course. You have to attend both theoretical and practical sessions and you would become an expert diver.

Scuba Diving Training Options

There are three options for scuba diving, which are:

·       Open water

·       Advance open water

·       Rescue diver

·       Fun diving

·       Try diving

And you need to get familiar with the cost of the sessions and according you can choose the right option. In this way, you can comprehend how scuba diving helps you to bring in the true adventures in life.

Choosing the Diving Spots

Next, you have to choose the diving spots ensuring that you can touch the underwater life in real-time. You need to consult with an expert to identify the diving spots and thus you can now feel the true excitement. Make sure that you feel safe and comfortable while taking the dive and you can now bring in the true happiness in life. You can now explore the mystery under the blue waters and it gives you an unforgettable experience.

Enjoying Scuba Diving in Togean Island

Togean island in Indonesia is a part of the Togean Archipelago. Tourists here enjoy the adventures and it brings in a memorable travel experience. The Togean island comprises of total 56 islands and now you can come up with the adventures that take you to a different world. Here, you can feel the ultimate serenity of the blue seas and you can now enjoy a great weekend with your friends and family. So, you have to make a proper plan and you can enjoy a perfect vacation with all your dreaming coming true. Finally, you can start enjoying the life in the seas.

Scuba Diving Comes Up with the True Fun and Thrill

Enjoy The Underwater Life With Sharks


In the past few years, people have started enjoying scuba diving and it has become of the favorite sport for many. There are many islands where people visit as all they want to do enjoy the underwater life. There are many websites online that offer the services of scuba diving, you can go through the background of different professionals and choose the one that can offer you the best diving package as per your requirements.

Togian Island is one of the famous places for scuba diving; all you need to have is a scuba suit that can make you explore the depth of the sea and to enjoy the aquatic life. The marine life is there is with a complex ecosystem, this is why it provides a home to different aquatic wildlife. The best part is that there are many sharks there; this is what makes it a popular place for diving.

Dive with manta is also one of the common choices that people opt for, the location for diving is what matters the most.

Choose the best destination

Maldives: The best time to enjoy the diving experience in the Maldives is from May to November. This is when divers can enjoy the sight of many mantas of different sizes. It is certainly one of the lifetime experiences to have for people who love diving.

Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii is also a known destination for scuba diving; there are also many opportunities to make friends with mantas all around the year. One of the best experiences to have here is night diving.

Cabo Marshall

Mantas are also there in many of the parts of Galapagos Islands, seeing manta is something that is guaranteed here. It is certainly one of the vacations that you can enjoy with your family members.

It is important to assess all the diving packages that are offered by different professionals as this will help you choose the package that can provide you the best diving experience. The cost of the packages is also something that you can easily compare on the internet.

Sanctum Dive Indonesia is one of the known platforms from where you can get different packages for diving. Depending on the destination where you would like to dive as per that you can choose the package that you like. It is also important to buy the right accessories to have memorable diving experience.


Scuba Diving: A Fun Activity


Are you a person who loves adventure? Or, the person who wanted to explore the best phases of his/her life? If yes, then trust me, dive Indonesia must be in your list. If you are a scuba diving lover, then undoubtedly Indonesia is your perfect place. This place is claimed as one of the best places for scuba dive due to its best promising facilities. Visiting Indonesia is one perfect idea to explore the best experience of scuba diving.

It won’t be wrong saying that every person should experience the fun of scuba diving once their life. It is one of the best-known sports activity that can guarantee you with the best lifetime happy memories. When we talk about scuba diving, then a big smile automatically comes to our faces.

But, before you step forward for trying scuba diving, here are the important 3 tips that you must be aware of. Every best thing requires a little patience and hard work and trust me these tips will assure you with the beautiful results in scuba diving. The major three tips include.

  1. Ensure your physical health- physical health plays a vital role. To step into the adventure of scuba diving, a healthy body is a basic requirement. There are some of the medical conditions involved that does not allow a person to undergo scuba diving like- head injuries, surgery, blood disorders and spinal injury. The happy mind and a great focus act as a key component to providing you with the best health results.
  2. Compulsory training- it is a known fact that to be the best in anything, the proper training is required. Thus, in the scuba diving, training acts as a compulsory component to guarantee you with the best safety results. Safety is always in a person’s hand thus you need to show your focus to learn all the safety rules to protect yourself in unhealthy situations.
  3. Train yourself from the best certified scuba diving schools- scuba diving is an art and thus learning from the professional artist is always a great idea. The professional can train you with the best tips and tricks that can prove itself as magic for you.

These are some of the tips that can prove themselves as a blessing for you. Trying scuba diving is a big decision of your life, thus it should be done within the best care. Explore the magic of Gili dive and treat yourself with the best time of your life.


Top Reasons Why Selecting Scuba Diving Adventure Is More in-Demand


Everyone has already heard of scuba diving adventures. What was once limited to only a handful of professional drivers, is today a favorite tourist activity. Scuba diving is gaining more popularity around the world and more destinations are offering this adventurous sport today to tourists.

  • Apart from adventure, the sport also holds a number of health benefits to tourists.
  • It can be one of the best ways to explore the hidden world of deep-ocean life.
  • You will get a chance to educate and learn a lot about marine life-forms in your leisure time.

It is obvious that Dive Indonesia too offers you a chance to experience the untouched world of ocean. You get all thrill and excitement during your travels to this scuba diving destination.

Overcome your stress

If you are stressed out of your daily routine, then scuba diving adventure can help kill that stress and anxiety. It is also concerned as one of the most effective ways to help relieve stress like condition and relax your mind.

The activity offers a new type of adventure that you may never get to experience anywhere else or in any other sporting activity. The moment you are scuba diving, you are also exercising for hours. Your blood circulation also improves to a greater extent.

Flexibility and strength

Scuba diving is one activity that can be considered as the best exercise for your entire body muscles and joints. It may not be seen but the moment you enjoy this type of activity, every part of your body is exercising.

The joints and muscles get more flexible and stronger. You can be a part of this activity by selecting the Togean Island scuba diving activity. So the more you dive the more exercise you get for your body parts.

Breathing exercise

Practicing breathing exercises is always related to good health. Breathing exercise helps improve the blood flow to your brain cells. Your brain receives more levels of fresh oxygen. This is one of the best ways to rejuvenate dead brain cells.

When selecting scuba diving adventure, you can actually practice breathing for one or two hours, as long as you are diving in the deep sea.

Entertainment and fitness

It is certain that scuba diving adventure is one of the ways you can stay entertained for hours and maintain your physical fitness. It is one form of physical activity that is today enjoyed by many tourists as well.

You can exercise without actually feeling the weight of your body. At the same time, you can stay entertained in between the exotic marine life. Just by staying underwater for some time, your mind and body get fresh. It also offers a very distinct experience for everyone.

Close to the environment

Scuba diving is the right type of adventure for people who like to stay connected to nature in its raw form. You will experience an entirely new world that is untouched by any human civilization.

There are a number of sea destinations around the world that offer scuba diving as their main adventurous activities for tourists. You just need to ensure that you have made the right selection.

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How to Be a Better Diver with Good Strategies?

trawangan dive

When it comes to diving, people often seem to have some misunderstanding that learning diving is an easy game. Diving indeed a fun activity but for the ones who want to learn it deeply, so many essential tactics are there to consider.


If you are one of those who want to learn diving just for once in a lifetime experience then it is totally fine to leave your once-in-a-lifetime experience on the diving experts. But the ones who want to become professional in diving; there is so much to learn in deep.


One of the most famous fun sports “diving” is not as easy as it seems as you only need to outscore all the contestants which are truly a tough task. Youngsters nowadays have a misconception about diving that the more twists and somersaults you can do, the better diver you can become. This is just a myth as Trawangan dive is more than twists and somersaults.


If you are looking for some real and best techniques of diving at Togian Islandyou are absolutely at the right page. In this blog, we will tell some of the best strategies of Trawangan dive.


As a professional, you need to understand that strategies like the more you can do twists and somersaults, the better diver you are known as can backfire you. This thing is one of truest thing for the divers, especially the ones who took diving as a competition.


Aspiring divers need to commit serious efforts and time to make themselves perfect in diving whether as a trainer or a competitor. Here, we will be mentioning some techniques and strategies of diving in order to upgrade your diving skills.


Board work and takeoffs 

These are the best and most essential skills in diving since as a professional and skilled diver, you must master the skills of takeoff from the board. A good takeoff will offer you better height, speed and control in order to perform best.


Focusing on board works and take-offs can be a great strategy to improve the skills of diving. To enhance the skills of board work and takeoffs, you need to focus on below-given areas:


Weight room 

Working out helps you in making your legs powerful and stronger.


Dryland training 

Make a chart of practising hurdles, jumps and lunges on the dryland.



Another essential tactic of diving as achieving good entries is one of the skills achieved by countless hours of practices. So, in order to learn skills of good entries, work on the below-given areas:


Practice lineups in water

Falling into the water from a stationary position from the platform or a pool let diver practice entry and their posture while performing the Trawangan dive at Togian Island.


Dryland training 

Before getting into the water, you need to practice the entry position for each dive. To become a highly skilled diver, mark these dryland drills in your daily routine chart.


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Enjoy Scuba Diving in the Clear Water and Have a Blast in Your Holidays


Scuba diving may be the only way to explore the incredible underwater world, getting close to the mysteries and secrets of this aquatic universe with its incredibly exciting and diverse people. Floating under the azure waters, you’re in an ethereal–often violent–climate, with limited air supply on your back and only your fellow divers as your lifelines. Scuba diving has evolved over the years and decades into a non-competitive yet extremely exciting underwater activity. You must get trained first by enrolling in scuba diving courses before hitting the waters for your safety

SCUBA is the short form of’ Self-contained Breathing Apparatus Underwater.’ It was developed for the French Navy during World War II by the world-famous underwater explorer and conservationist, Jacques-Yves Cousteau (with more than a little help from Emilee Gagnan), in the mid-1940’s. Nevertheless, after the war, diving became a recreational sport that has since been taken over by millions around the world.

Current scuba diving equipment comprises of one (or more) gas cylinder, attached to the back of the diver. This gas tank is connected to an air hose and the demand (or diving) valve-this latter system regulates the air flow, so the air pressure in the diver’s lungs is the same as the water pressure. The buoyancy control device (BCD), essentially an inflatable jacket which regulates your buoyancy by adding or removing air, is among other gear / equipment used in diving.

Corals and marine life have to be protected as national treasures. Corals are fragile living organisms too, so please follow the’ Green Coral Code’ when you go diving:

  • Do not reach or step on live coral-it’s going to die.
  • Try to keep your feet away from the reefs as much as possible when carrying fins; a jump from your flipper would likely result in an unexpected water splash, which is sure to permanently damage the coral.
  • Try and manage the fall when diving; a hard landing on the corals will kill them.

There are a few strong scuba diving courses at international level in the country; please thoroughly check the operator’s qualifications, whether the instructors are PADI (or equivalent) accredited and whether the equipment available is of good quality in Bali idc.

A reasonable command of English is helpful, as the courses involve a fundamental understanding of physics, physiology, environment, etc. The standard swimming level is 10 years-there is no upper limit (the minimum age for some divers is 14 years).

You can strive to receive the minimum’ one star’ certification which takes around 4-5 days

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Enjoy your summer – Togian Island and Scuba Bali Dive


Sanctum Dive in Indonesia is one of the best resorts to reside in Indonesia. They have beautified and serene view at Sanctum with two mesmerizing tropical island dive resorts.

If you are looking for a beautiful and memorable experience of dive adventure in the ravishing Togian Islands, with pristine house reefs combining with fish, schools of barracuda, and extremely healthy corals

If you want to unravel the beautiful Nusa Penida, with Manta Rays here year-round and even the option to view Mola Mola or the Sunfish, this island near Bali is a dream dive stop for enjoyment and rejuvenation.

Togian islands

Togian Islands is specifically an archipelago situated in the Gulf of Tomini, Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. The Togian is basically plenty of various islands and villages located by boat from Wakey. Volcano Island Una Una is placed at the North of the archipelago. Togean Islands is a pretty island group in the Tomini Gulf, approachable from Gorontalo in the regions of north and Ampana in the south region. The journey to reach there is long but worthy. Togean, Batudaka and Pulau Una Una are three beautiful and major Islands, with 56 Small Island. Malenge, Wakai and Bomba are an eminent place to visit and view white sandy beaches.

There are ATMs available for MasterCard, VISA and Cirrus present at the mainland. Some particular dive resorts are equipped with a satellite internet connection and you can easily pay by credit cards or by the method of money transfer. Please relate to the resort when you book your place or any specific accommodation.

Malenge and Bomba have white sand are beautiful and tranquil sandy beaches, while volcanic Una Una Island has black sand.

The Togian Islands have located very close proximity to the equator. Also, the flora is basically tropical rainforest. A particular of the Togian Islands is the Coconut Crab which can particular produce up to a weight of 4 kg.

The climate is all year around beautiful and warm, because of the nearby or close position to the equator about 40km. The driest and humid months are the summer months.

Scuba Bali Dive


Every scuba diver of all parameters can rejuvenate in the stupendous diving in Bali. The exotic dive sites for beginners are located in Amed and Padang Bay which have very light or often no recent at all.

Bali presents even more chances to those advanced divers, with many drift dives like around the regions of  Nusa Penida and Candidasa along with Nusa Lembongan.

The recent data can differ but be very concrete and various dive locations around Bali should be conducted with the utmost care and warmth.

Basically, Macro Lovers and critter hunters will be amazed to dive in Secret Bay and Seraya Secret. Amed has also many impeccable and rejuvenating locations for Muck Diving. These diving spots are like magic for underwater macro photography. Many Places around Bali are also very amazing for snorkelling, particularly on the East Coast from Padang Bay to Amed. The transparency is basically very extraordinary and varies specifically from 10 to 50 meters. Best visibility and views are generally discovered around Nusa Penida dive and Pulau Menjangan. Basically, scuba divers of all levels can excellent diving in Bali. The latest dive locations for beginners are around the regions of  Amed, Padang Bay, and Pulau Menjangan which have very dim light or often no current present at all.

Bali presents even more chances to those advanced divers, with various drift dives like Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Candidasa. The present set can sometimes be very concrete and various dive locations around Bali should be processed with care and respect.

Charms of Nusa Penida


We take holidays to spend time with the family and with you. But choosing the perfect destination of holidays might be like chewing the nuts. But after you had done with your search for the best holiday place it will make you calm. You will fill with the light of joy if you chose Nusa Penida as a holiday destination. Because there’s an uncountable reason to visit Nusa Penida. So here have a look at why you should visit the Nusa Penida.

Kelingking Beach hike

 It’s time to show up your shutterbug side and admire the views from above; it remains a fantastic experience ever. If you just step towards the beach there is an incredible staircase, if you don’t like hiking you can enjoy this beach spot. When you are in Nusa Penida you need to hike down to the Kelinhgking Beach and spend est of the day here. it is one of the best places in Nusa Penida.

Angel’s Billabong

Although it’s not an easy task to reach there, riding the bike at least for one hour you will find a space with magical vibes. You need to be careful before you jump into swimming. This place has massive waves, so try to visit this place at the end of the day, and avoid coming in the morning.

Broken Beach – after the Angel’s Billabong just a couple of walk from this palace there is another place that was used to be a massive cave. You can find this spectacular place one of the best places in the Nusa Penida. Due to the collapsing of the roof a long time ago, a hole gives the accessibility in the rock formations.

Moreover, you might be hungry after this hectic visit, so there are several best places to eat in Nusa Penida. What you have to do is to do a little search. If you love western food you cannot past the best restaurants. Nusa Penida is the best destination for western food. In Indonesian food, you will feel the taste of its culture. And; if you would, like to prefer the food spots where all other locals visit then BFC (best friend chicken) is the perfect spot for you. Onwards when you keep moving towards the Sanctum dive, you feel graced by watching the cafes. This place is known for its cafés and also due to the pleasant seaside bevy. You can enjoy the Penida Espresso, cocktails over there.

If you have the plan to go afterward the Nusa Penida then you must visit Sulawesi dive place which laps in the marine warm water. This place offers dive sites. It is one of the best resort destination sites in the world. Finding the affordable site here not and difficult task, these attractions of Sulawesi compel the visitors.

Indonesia is full of magical spots that make your travel memorable. With its calm and beautiful vibes, you can spend the rest of the holiday time with your family or friends.

Cherish Your Memories At Togian Island

Cherish Your Memories At Togian Island

No time on the planet is as cherished as being on vacation. Those occasions are not constantly accessible. It implies that they must be given satisfactory consideration at whatever point they come. There is a need to ensure that you go on an excursion that can enhance your life by changing it in various ways: enabling you to make new companions, empowering you to eat uncommon food, and bearing you an opportunity to end up revived.

The straightforward thing you need to do is to look for a spot to visit. It is essential to hold up under at the top of the priority list the way that many places are accessible today and every one of them has something one of a kind to offer to guests. Truly, picking a place is presently an overwhelming errand — trip creators regularly need to stress over squandering both time and cash on the excursions.

Indonesia is one nation that is home to plenty of traveler spots, a trait that separates it from a few different nations around the globe. Every place is related to a particular taste of pleasure that is probably going to engage certain travelers. Thus, it is consistently an ideal plan to ensure that the kind of place you are visiting has characteristics that can fulfill you.

Food is a significant part of life which can add a great deal of importance to any individual’s life. Consequently, visiting a spot that brags of various mouth-watering suppers is astonishing. Contingent upon your inclinations, you may even example a portion of the neighborhood and global foods that Togian island brings to the table. They are majorly famous for their unforgettable dive adventures which have stunning house reefs and amazing corals. It is a prominent spot in the Sulawesi part of Indonesia with a blend of a few little islands. Consistently a large number of visitors plan their excursions to go to these astonishing islands. It very well may be visited either by flights or a ship ride.

Similarly, there is another island Nusa Penida with immense spaces to visit, rich local culture and probably the most beneficial marine ambiance. The interminable coastline, endless shorelines, and perspectives, consistently changing view and lot progressively unfamiliar undertakings are just pieces of what anticipates you on this grand island.

You can find many places to eat in Nusa Penida but the best you can get is at the Sanctum Restaurant which connects the time hole between the island and Bali by serving a blend of customary Balinese and basic elegant western dishes, keeping up the easygoing family atmosphere.

At Sanctum Sky Resto and Bar, we endeavor to give sound natural nourishment to jumpers and dynamic people. Every constituent is locally sourced to support nearby markets and ranchers and made with affection to fulfill your taste buds. We are open from 7 am to 10 pm every day serving breakfast, lunch and supper.