Enjoy your summer – Togian Island and Scuba Bali Dive


Sanctum Dive in Indonesia is one of the best resorts to reside in Indonesia. They have beautified and serene view at Sanctum with two mesmerizing tropical island dive resorts.

If you are looking for a beautiful and memorable experience of dive adventure in the ravishing Togian Islands, with pristine house reefs combining with fish, schools of barracuda, and extremely healthy corals

If you want to unravel the beautiful Nusa Penida, with Manta Rays here year-round and even the option to view Mola Mola or the Sunfish, this island near Bali is a dream dive stop for enjoyment and rejuvenation.

Togian islands

Togian Islands is specifically an archipelago situated in the Gulf of Tomini, Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. The Togian is basically plenty of various islands and villages located by boat from Wakey. Volcano Island Una Una is placed at the North of the archipelago. Togean Islands is a pretty island group in the Tomini Gulf, approachable from Gorontalo in the regions of north and Ampana in the south region. The journey to reach there is long but worthy. Togean, Batudaka and Pulau Una Una are three beautiful and major Islands, with 56 Small Island. Malenge, Wakai and Bomba are an eminent place to visit and view white sandy beaches.

There are ATMs available for MasterCard, VISA and Cirrus present at the mainland. Some particular dive resorts are equipped with a satellite internet connection and you can easily pay by credit cards or by the method of money transfer. Please relate to the resort when you book your place or any specific accommodation.

Malenge and Bomba have white sand are beautiful and tranquil sandy beaches, while volcanic Una Una Island has black sand.

The Togian Islands have located very close proximity to the equator. Also, the flora is basically tropical rainforest. A particular of the Togian Islands is the Coconut Crab which can particular produce up to a weight of 4 kg.

The climate is all year around beautiful and warm, because of the nearby or close position to the equator about 40km. The driest and humid months are the summer months.

Scuba Bali Dive


Every scuba diver of all parameters can rejuvenate in the stupendous diving in Bali. The exotic dive sites for beginners are located in Amed and Padang Bay which have very light or often no recent at all.

Bali presents even more chances to those advanced divers, with many drift dives like around the regions of  Nusa Penida and Candidasa along with Nusa Lembongan.

The recent data can differ but be very concrete and various dive locations around Bali should be conducted with the utmost care and warmth.

Basically, Macro Lovers and critter hunters will be amazed to dive in Secret Bay and Seraya Secret. Amed has also many impeccable and rejuvenating locations for Muck Diving. These diving spots are like magic for underwater macro photography. Many Places around Bali are also very amazing for snorkelling, particularly on the East Coast from Padang Bay to Amed. The transparency is basically very extraordinary and varies specifically from 10 to 50 meters. Best visibility and views are generally discovered around Nusa Penida dive and Pulau Menjangan. Basically, scuba divers of all levels can excellent diving in Bali. The latest dive locations for beginners are around the regions of  Amed, Padang Bay, and Pulau Menjangan which have very dim light or often no current present at all.

Bali presents even more chances to those advanced divers, with various drift dives like Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Candidasa. The present set can sometimes be very concrete and various dive locations around Bali should be processed with care and respect.


Charms of Nusa Penida


We take holidays to spend time with the family and with you. But choosing the perfect destination of holidays might be like chewing the nuts. But after you had done with your search for the best holiday place it will make you calm. You will fill with the light of joy if you chose Nusa Penida as a holiday destination. Because there’s an uncountable reason to visit Nusa Penida. So here have a look at why you should visit the Nusa Penida.

Kelingking Beach hike

 It’s time to show up your shutterbug side and admire the views from above; it remains a fantastic experience ever. If you just step towards the beach there is an incredible staircase, if you don’t like hiking you can enjoy this beach spot. When you are in Nusa Penida you need to hike down to the Kelinhgking Beach and spend est of the day here. it is one of the best places in Nusa Penida.

Angel’s Billabong

Although it’s not an easy task to reach there, riding the bike at least for one hour you will find a space with magical vibes. You need to be careful before you jump into swimming. This place has massive waves, so try to visit this place at the end of the day, and avoid coming in the morning.

Broken Beach – after the Angel’s Billabong just a couple of walk from this palace there is another place that was used to be a massive cave. You can find this spectacular place one of the best places in the Nusa Penida. Due to the collapsing of the roof a long time ago, a hole gives the accessibility in the rock formations.

Moreover, you might be hungry after this hectic visit, so there are several best places to eat in Nusa Penida. What you have to do is to do a little search. If you love western food you cannot past the best restaurants. Nusa Penida is the best destination for western food. In Indonesian food, you will feel the taste of its culture. And; if you would, like to prefer the food spots where all other locals visit then BFC (best friend chicken) is the perfect spot for you. Onwards when you keep moving towards the Sanctum dive, you feel graced by watching the cafes. This place is known for its cafés and also due to the pleasant seaside bevy. You can enjoy the Penida Espresso, cocktails over there.

If you have the plan to go afterward the Nusa Penida then you must visit Sulawesi dive place which laps in the marine warm water. This place offers dive sites. It is one of the best resort destination sites in the world. Finding the affordable site here not and difficult task, these attractions of Sulawesi compel the visitors.

Indonesia is full of magical spots that make your travel memorable. With its calm and beautiful vibes, you can spend the rest of the holiday time with your family or friends.

Cherish Your Memories At Togian Island

Cherish Your Memories At Togian Island

No time on the planet is as cherished as being on vacation. Those occasions are not constantly accessible. It implies that they must be given satisfactory consideration at whatever point they come. There is a need to ensure that you go on an excursion that can enhance your life by changing it in various ways: enabling you to make new companions, empowering you to eat uncommon food, and bearing you an opportunity to end up revived.

The straightforward thing you need to do is to look for a spot to visit. It is essential to hold up under at the top of the priority list the way that many places are accessible today and every one of them has something one of a kind to offer to guests. Truly, picking a place is presently an overwhelming errand — trip creators regularly need to stress over squandering both time and cash on the excursions.

Indonesia is one nation that is home to plenty of traveler spots, a trait that separates it from a few different nations around the globe. Every place is related to a particular taste of pleasure that is probably going to engage certain travelers. Thus, it is consistently an ideal plan to ensure that the kind of place you are visiting has characteristics that can fulfill you.

Food is a significant part of life which can add a great deal of importance to any individual’s life. Consequently, visiting a spot that brags of various mouth-watering suppers is astonishing. Contingent upon your inclinations, you may even example a portion of the neighborhood and global foods that Togian island brings to the table. They are majorly famous for their unforgettable dive adventures which have stunning house reefs and amazing corals. It is a prominent spot in the Sulawesi part of Indonesia with a blend of a few little islands. Consistently a large number of visitors plan their excursions to go to these astonishing islands. It very well may be visited either by flights or a ship ride.

Similarly, there is another island Nusa Penida with immense spaces to visit, rich local culture and probably the most beneficial marine ambiance. The interminable coastline, endless shorelines, and perspectives, consistently changing view and lot progressively unfamiliar undertakings are just pieces of what anticipates you on this grand island.

You can find many places to eat in Nusa Penida but the best you can get is at the Sanctum Restaurant which connects the time hole between the island and Bali by serving a blend of customary Balinese and basic elegant western dishes, keeping up the easygoing family atmosphere.

At Sanctum Sky Resto and Bar, we endeavor to give sound natural nourishment to jumpers and dynamic people. Every constituent is locally sourced to support nearby markets and ranchers and made with affection to fulfill your taste buds. We are open from 7 am to 10 pm every day serving breakfast, lunch and supper.

Do This If You Would Like To Go On A Memorable Holiday Experience

No time in the world is as treasured as being on holiday. It is by far one of the most mind refreshing experiences that any person can venture into. If possible, some people would have been on holiday all the days of their lives. That such times are not always available simply means that they have to be given adequate attention whenever they have arrived. It is worth mentioning that going on a holiday that is not memorable is as good as wasting time and money. There is a need to make sure that you go on a trip that can add value to your life by transforming it in a number of ways: allowing you to make new friends, enabling you to eat rare foods, making it possible for you to engage in mind staggering activities, and affording you a chance to become refreshed. If you would like to go on holiday with these attributes, you can do well to take advantage of the following information.

The simple thing you have to do

The simple thing you have to do is to search for a place to visit. It is important to bear in mind the fact that many holiday destinations are available today and each of them has something unique to offer to visitors. The onus is on you to make sure that you search for a destination that is good enough to meet your personal preferences. Unfortunately, the coming of numerous holiday destinations has simply made it tricky for most people to easily find places to visit. As a matter of fact, choosing a holiday destination is now a daunting task — holiday makers often have to worry about wasting both time and money on the trips. This is something that you can easily avoid by simply making sure that you search for Sulawesi dive. Doing this is associated with a long list of advantages as clearly explained below.

Why doing this is a great idea

It is a great idea to search for holiday destinations in the manner described above based on the fact that it can enable you to easily come across some of the best eateries on Earth. Food is an important aspect of life which can add a lot of meaning to any human being’s life. Therefore, visiting a place that boasts of numerous mouth-watering meals is certainly amazing. This is exactly what you can expect if you visit the Places to eat in Nusa Penida you will find after conducting the simple search above.

Apart from food, you will also have a chance to get exposed to many activities to engage in. There is actually no limit to the number of activities that you will come across. For example, you will be able to enjoy swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, and even sunbathing. Without a doubt, your experience will certainly be memorable.

Apart from being exposed to a long list of activities, you will also have a chance to meet new people and even learn a new language.

How To Enjoy A Holiday In Indonesia

A visit to Indonesia is certainly likely to be memorable. A good number of people have attested to this. This explains why it attracts scores of visitors from all parts of the world. It has so many places to visit and countless activities to engage in. What may be hard for any tourist is the choice of a place to visit and the activities to indulge in. There are many tourists that hardly know where to go and how best they can get there. Suppose you have prospects of visiting Indonesia and you are wondering how best you can enjoy the visit, you can do well to take advantage of the following information.

Searching for the best tourist sites

Indonesia is one of the best tourist destinations that are known today. It boasts of a plethora of attractive sites that are good enough to blow a tourist’s mind. But, you have to search for certain special spots if you are to enjoy your visit to the country. In order to streamline your search for such spots, you can do well to look for Togean island. When you search for tourist spots in this way, you can expect to easily find places that you can visit and live to remember all the days of your life. This is the only way you can ensure that your tourist visit to the country turns out to be a success.

The activities you can enjoy

At this particular point in time, you may be wondering what kind of activities you can expect to enjoy once you have traveled to Indonesia. The truth is that you will be able to enjoy a long list of activities. It is entirely up to you to choose the activities that appeal to you. There are activities such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, boat cruising, sightseeing, and kayaking. You will also have a chance to sample a variety of local and international cuisines that the country has to offer. The eating places in the country are able to serve a wide range of mouthwatering treats that you can consume and share with your loved ones.

If you would like to relate with the locals and associate with other tourists, you will also have a chance to do so. It is actually a very good opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships. If you would like to learn a new language, you can also take advantage of this opportunity. While meeting new people, you will have a chance to learn a language that suits your personal preferences and even the culture that is associated with it.

Getting the best out of visits to the island

During your visit to Indonesia, the last thing you can do is to visit a spot that is not popular. Doing so would reduce your chances of enjoying your visit to the country. In order to make sure that the spots you are about to visit are popular, you can do well to search for Places to eat in Nusa Penida.

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How To Enjoy A Visit To Indonesia

Enjoying a holiday almost always depends on the choice of the destination. It is for this reason that holiday goers have to try by all means to search for the best holiday destinations that are available today. For many decades now, Indonesia has been able to attract scores of visitors from a plethora of nations around the globe. It is an amazing place to visit and definitely one of the most mind capturing destinations on earth. But, the nation is home to a wide pool of places to visit. As a tourist, you are at liberty to choose a part of the country that can suit your personal preferences. It is important to acknowledge the fact that enjoying a visit to Indonesia depends on how you choose a holiday destination. Suppose you are wondering which destinations you can go for, consider the following information.

The search for a destination

As stated earlier, choosing a holiday destination during your visit to Indonesia is key to enjoying your holiday. Most people often have issues finding the perfect place to visit. In order to increase your chances of finding the best destinations within the shortest time possible, you can do well to search for scuba diving Bali. Doing this comes with many benefits as clearly indicated below.

What you would get for doing this

During your visit to Indonesia, you will be able to enjoy the following:

Amazing snorkeling spots

Snorkeling is by far one of the most amazing activities that people engage in whenever they pay Indonesia a visit. Tourists from all over the world flock to this amazing nation to enjoy this activity in spectacular fashion. The activity is associated with a lot of fun and intrigue, enabling tourists to try out a number of spots depending on their personal preferences. What is even more mind calming is the fact that the snorkeling spots are quite safe and secure.

Mind staggering fishing spots

There are countless fishing spots that you can take advantage of during your visit to Indonesia’s Togean Island. You can find a wide range of fish species that will definitely blow your mind away. Scores of people from all parts of the world often catch fish that is enormous in size and grill it shortly after the end of the fishing session.

Memorable scuba diving sessions

There are also many amazing scuba diving sessions that the locals and tourists get to engage in. Depending on whether you love scuba diving or not, you can also join the locals and other tourists.

Getting the best out of the visit

Suppose you are wondering how best you can enjoy your visit to Indonesia, you can do well to engage in training. In most cases, tourists tend to undergo training before engaging in the activities that the island has to offer. Most of them often undergo training in snorkeling, fishing, and swimming. There are several others that undergo scuba diving training in order to perfect their skills in the activity.

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How To Have A Memorable Experience At The Togean Islands

Togean Island in reality is a combination of several smaller islands. It is a very popular place in the central Sulawesi part of Indonesia. Every month thousands of tourists plan their trips to go to these amazing islands. It can be visited either by domestic flights or a ferry ride, or via speed boats.

Visitors mainly visit these places for the purpose of scuba diving. Besides having the wonderful experience of Dive Indonesia, they also can actually have first-hand experience of the amazing marine life. The spectacular coral reefs and the variety of marine life is truly breath-taking. The full moon lit beach should be on the to-do list of every visitor. Anyone who is an avid admirer of nature would find it an unstoppable adventure.

Togean islands are well connected and the tour can be planned in a professional manner. If you plan to visit the place, then plan at least a 4-5 day stay. This is necessary for fully exploring and to be able to enjoy the adventure.

Yes, it is a great place for couples and adventure lovers. But it is also a nice place for a family tour. You can take your kids and allow them to connect with nature. There are provisions for comfortable stay and good food. It is advised that you book your tour beforehand through a reliable agency. Also plan for the diving and book the slots beforehand to get a hassle free experience. The underwater unique travel experience would remain imprinted in your mind for a lifetime.